Revolutionizing the loyalty economy by providing financial technology, capital market infrastructure, and a brand new asset class, all centered around the value of loyalty points

Creating a venue for enhanced liquidity, new capital inflow, and risk management, available to banks, airlines, hotels, and all loyalty participants globally

Transforming the loyalty space for institutions

Creating a multi-purpose asset class – Reserve Point Securities – to be traded on a private marketplace serviced by customized industry standard technology

Frictionless access to financing, investment and trading

Helping issuers harness the stability of loyalty revenues and expand the loyalty ecosystem

Unique features

No need to raise dilutive equity capital or restrictive debt, no impact on business-as-usual, no attachments to loyalty program’s cash flows or encumbrance

Multiple benefits

A liquidity tool issuable on demand, a devaluation-proof way to access loyalty points, and a mechanism for exposure to a new, loyalty-linked asset class

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